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Lana Kaufman was born in Uzbekistan in 1982.   


Lana is known as an art creator, artist, philanthropist, public figure, caring wife and mother of four children. 

In 2006, Lana received her Master's Degree in Economics from the Kyiv National University of Economics. In her student days, Lana worked as a model, tried herself as a manager in economic and oil production sectors, as well as did charity work. She committed to her aim to make the world cleaner and more environmentally friendly basically since childhood.


Her "native" creativity style is impressionism, however, Lana is open to new experience and gladly ventures into different styles. Her works are compositions and decorative paintings (oil paintings and monotype), where open and pure shades predominate. 


She moved to Ukraine in 1993. Being inspired by the places of power of this country and having visited Baikal during one of her trips, she decided to devote herself to painting. "Places of power" was the name of the first series of works depicting landscapes of the USA, Crimea, Trachtemirov, Cappadocia and Baikal. Lana was preparing this exhibition for two years. It was demonstrated in 2018.


In 2017 Lana graduated from the Ukrainian National Academy of Culture and Arts and received a master's degree in fine arts. Since then Lana has been active in the field of arts. She participates in educational and charitable events. Also, Lana has organized the My power Farm community, designed to unite business, government and ordinary people in fighting against climate change. Currently, the project has received UN support. 


In 2018 Lana Kaufman became a participant in Kyiv Art Fair 2018, presented her works for the first time at GENESIS international exhibition in Rome, created a "Places of power" personal exhibition, and attended the Vienna Ball in Lviv and the "Imagination dialogues" event in New York, where the long-awaited presentation of her works occurred.

In the same year, Lana Kaufman was awarded the “Pride of the Country” Award in Dnipro.


In 2019 Lana participated in Vienna Ball. When she was in Kiev, she joined the Art Union in New York, and also presented her works in Greece ("A Greek Accent: Ukrainian vision"), in Kiev ("Contrasts" and Klitschko Expo" and in Odessa at the Days of Jewish Culture in Ukraine. 


In the same 2019, Lana became the awardee of the XII All-Ukrainian Award named "The Third Millennium Woman" for her contribution to the protection of nature and charity in it.


In 2020 Lana Kaufman's paintings dedicated to the Earth and the oceans were presented at the exhibition in Italy that is in Venice and Milan. The goal of this event was to support the World Cleanup Day movement. Currently, the work called "The Seagull house" is located in the Ministry of Ecology of Italy. In the same year Lana Kaufman became the creator of the "Earthmate" unprecedented project.

"Earthmate" eco-festival is a project that joins musicians, artists, activists, entrepreneurs, researchers and visionaries. The mission of "Earthmate" festival is to introduce modern interspecific ethics.




"The traditional focus of the Western culture on the human being should be shifted in favor of genesis and coexistence of all species, whereby the human being has no exclusive rights. We promote interaction, friendship and mutual understanding among all species that co-exist on Earth"


The philosophy of Lana Kaufman's professional activity goes like that:

"Art should carry light and goodness".



2018 - Kiev Art Fair, Kiev, Ukraine.

2018 - "Places of force" personal exhibition, Kiev, Ukraine

2018 - "Genesis", Rome, Italy

2018 - Vienna Ball, Lviv, Ukraine

2018 - "Imagination dialogues", New York, USA

2019 - Art Union, New York, USA

2019 - Vienna Ball, Kiev, Ukraine

2019 - Days of Jewish Culture in Ukraine, Odessa

2019 - "Greek Accent: ukrainian vision", Greece 

2019 - Klitschko Expo, Kiev, Ukraine

2019 - "Contrasts", Kiev, Ukraine

2020 - EARTHMATE eco-festival, Kiev, Ukraine

2020 - "ART MUST HAVE", Italy

2020 - Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Vienna, Austria

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Earthmate - is an eco-festival joining musicians, artists, activists, entrepreneurs, researchers and visionaries.



The mission of  "Earthmate" festival is to introduce modern interspecific ethics.

Climatic changes in recent decades have shown the fallacy of the traditional Western culture focus on human being. This approach should be shifted towards the harmonious coexistence of all species, among which man does not have exclusive rights.

We promote interaction, friendship, mutual understanding and biological synergy among all species that co-exist on Earth"

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