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VIVA DOSSIER: LANA KAUFMAN A gifted person is good at everything! These words of a German writer Lion Feuchtwanger, perfectly personify Lana Kaufman as an artist. She has managed to combine her career as a sought-after artist with raising three children and caring for the environment with extraordinary ease.

"OUR SMALL BIG HAPPINESS!": LANA KAUFMAN HAS GIVEN BIRTH TO A BOY Lana Kaufman has given birth to a boy! The artist shared the news on her Instagram and added a photo from a maternity home. Lana gave birth in Miami and was supported by her beloved Maxim Pustozvonov, a basketball player.

10 FEMININE IMAGES FROM LANA KAUFMAN Lana Kaufman is the mother of four children, as well as an artist and a creator of unique "Earthmate" eco-festival. Lana's eco-conscious attitude means a constant contribution to the culture of environmental protection, raising awareness of environmental issues in both children and adults. In addition to motherhood and Lana's active social life, her style of being simultaneously comfortable, bright and feminine wins admiration. 10 most interesting images.

“PLACES OF POWER”: AN EXHIBITION OF LANA KAUFMAN'S PAINTINGS, WHICH MAKE YOU WANT TO LIVE The presentation of works took place on October 6 in Taras Shevchenko National Museum. A social circle of people from Kiev attended this event.

ARTIST LANA KAUFMAN REGARDING HER PREGNANCY, CHOICE OF A MATERNITY HOSPITAL AND SPECIFICS OF GIVING BIRTH IN THE USA “Chance for Traveller spoke with Lana Kaufman, an artist and mother of four children, to hear from her about the pregnancy, personal experience of giving birth in the USA and the difference between American and Ukrainian hospitals.”

PROS AND CONS OF GIVING BIRTH IN THE USA: ARTIST LANA KAUFMAN SHARES HER PERSONAL EXPERIENCE The subject of giving birth in the USA interests many future parents since there can be a lot of advantages, from medical to legal ones. Though if you are planning to give birth abroad for the first time, you may encounter a lot of surprises, but in that case, they’d better be avoided. It was our topic of conversation with Lana Kaufman.

EARTHMATE ECO-FESTIVAL IN GRISHKO BOTANICAL GARDEN Among the guests of the event were Andrew and Julia Pyatov, Ivanna Nikonova, Irina Tkachenko and others.

WHAT LEONARDO DICAPRIO, GRETA THUNBERG AND LANA KAUFMAN HAVE IN COMMON? Artist and philanthropist Lana Kaufman has presented to the public her second personal exhibition "Contrasts", dedicated to the environmental issues.

ABOUT SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL AND DESTRUCTIVE The presentation of the personal exhibition "Contrasts" by artist Lana Kaufman.

ART-POP: 3 TOP NAMES TO FOLLOW There is an opinion that an artist's works become valuable only after his death. But the modern art and artists managed to prove the opposite. Meet the 3 TOP contemporary artists, whose works are not only of artistic value but whose personalities are interesting to follow.

LANA KAUFMAN: "OUR SOCIETY STRIVES FOR NEW KNOWLEDGE AND CHANGES FOR THE BETTER" Artist Lana Kaufman participates in exhibitions in New York and Rome, holds personal exhibitions in Kiev and all over Ukraine, as well as raises three children and cares for the environment.

WHAT ARE THE PAINTINGS OF THE ARTIST OF THE YEAR LANA KAUFMAN ABOUT? Artist Lana Kaufman began her active exhibition activity five years ago and meantime managed to participate in several famous international projects.

"STYLISH SUITCASE" WITH LANA KAUFMAN Lana Kaufman has shared her favorite holiday destinations as a part of the "Stylish suitcase" photo project.

FASHION LOADING: LANA KAUFMAN The new female lead of the "Fashion Loading" category is an artist, mother of three children, self-made woman, recognized it-girl and style icon, Lana Kaufman.

LANA KAUFMAN AND “CONTRASTS” OF REALITY Artist and philanthropist Lana Kaufman has presented to the public her second "Contrasts" personal exhibition, dedicated to the environmental issues.

WOMEN IN ART: LANA KAUFMAN "The paintings of the popular artist, art expert, philanthropist and mother of three children Lana Kaufman are known not only in Ukraine. They are exhibited in New York and Rome. The artist holds personal exhibitions, as well as actively protects the ecology of our planet. Lana Kaufman told the readers of GLORY magazine about her muse, places of power and her plans for the future."

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